Wrapped FCT is Live

Factom Protocol
2 min readMay 21, 2021


Factom has stood as a layer 2 solution to secure data. An efficient way to make transactions, anchored on the ETH and BTC networks for a fixed price.

A constant barrier to success has been exchanges, and utility of the token.

Meanwhile, the Ethereum ecosystem has continued to thrive and hosts many non-native variants such as Wrapped BTC, or even Wrapped Doge.

DeFi has quickly found adoption to become the most prominent use case of blockchain technology. The majority of this activity is on the Ethereum network.

It’s time to launch Wrapped FCT, and also give FCT holders access to a huge network of exchanges, wallets, extensions, and the exciting world of DeFi applications.

WFCT/FCT pair listed on qtrade.io

Exchange native Factom (FCT) tokens to Wrapped FCT (WFCT) and vice versa on qTrade.io: https://qtrade.io/market/WFCT_FCT

The market-maker on qTrade provides concentrated liquidity in a narrow range, so you can exchange FCT into WFCT (wrapped FCT) without slippage.

WFCT brings the Factom token into the Ethereum and DeFi ecosystem, allowing holders to trade FCT on Uniswap, earn yield with their FCT tokens on various DeFi platforms, use MetaMask and dozens of wallets (including mobile and hardware wallets) to store FCT.

About WFCT

WFCT — a community led, 100% backed and verifiable FCT token, issued on the Ethereum blockchain.

Wrapped FCT (WFCT) is backed 1:1 with a native FCT token on the Factom blockchain — the number of issued WFCT tokens is equal to the number of native FCT tokens locked in custody.

WFCT proof-of-reserve is on-chain and can be explored and audited online: https://wfct.network/audit



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